Commercial Electrical Design And Installation

We provide fast, efficient service to all our commercial customers. After all, downtime in business is lost revenue!

We have heavily invested in our equipment with most comprehensive toolkit of any electrician. It means we can solve issues others can’t and can work more efficiently because we have the right tools.

We are also flexible enough to minimise interruption to your business. For example, we carry out work on car parks, retail stores and petrol stations on nightshift duties.

We have 3 core principles:

[icon type=”check”] Quality – We use the best equipment so you can dependably rely on it everyday of the week
[icon type=”check”] Safety – This is critical for us and your staff. Workplace safety is at the heart of what we do
[icon type=”check”] Service – We deliver outstanding service so everyone’s happy and in the loop.


If you’re moving premises, contact us for advice on your planned move. There are many things to consider in such a move; leave the electrical and data connections details to us.


Licensed Cabler Certification

[icon type=”check”] High bay lighting
[icon type=”check”] Shopping & retail electrical maintenance
[icon type=”check”] Office fitouts
[icon type=”check”] Fault finding: Electrical and Communications
[icon type=”check”] Emergency Lighting
[icon type=”check”] Data Cabling Installations and Maintenance
[icon type=”check”] Power Factor Correction
[icon type=”check”] Floodlighting
[icon type=”check”] Smart Wiring Systems
[icon type=”check”] 3 Phase Power
[icon type=”check”] Testing And Tagging
[icon type=”check”] Connections, Disconnections of Level 2 Services
[icon type=”check”] Temporary builders supply
[icon type=”check”] Pre-move electrical inspections
[icon type=”check”] Surge protection and/or lightning arrestors
[icon type=”check”] New equipment installation and arrange office networking solutions
[icon type=”check”] New phone system installs and extra phone points

[icon type=”camera-retro”] Manufacturing
[icon type=”camera-retro”] Factories
[icon type=”camera-retro”] Warehousing, Offices
[icon type=”camera-retro”] Banks
[icon type=”camera-retro”] Insurance Companies
[icon type=”camera-retro”] Strata Firms
[icon type=”camera-retro”] Legal and Accounting Offices
[icon type=”camera-retro”] Consulates
[icon type=”camera-retro”] Centre Management
[icon type=”camera-retro”] Retail
[icon type=”camera-retro”] Business Parks
[icon type=”camera-retro”] Government Depts Schools
[icon type=”camera-retro”] Universities

[icon type=”camera-retro”] Medical Centres
[icon type=”camera-retro”] Sporting Complexes
[icon type=”camera-retro”] Motor Vehicle Dealerships
[icon type=”camera-retro”] Finance
[icon type=”camera-retro”] Builders, Developers
[icon type=”camera-retro”] Architects
[icon type=”camera-retro”] Engineers
[icon type=”camera-retro”] Hospitals
[icon type=”camera-retro”] Hi Rise Offices
[icon type=”camera-retro”] Residentials
[icon type=”camera-retro”] Club Industry
[icon type=”camera-retro”] Private Residences
[icon type=”camera-retro”] and more

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