Pre-Purchase Electrical Inspections

Our comprehensive 36-point safety check will uncover the state of the electrics within the household you’re considering. It’s estimated that 23% of NSW homes have an electrical fault.

Reshift Electrical inspects your future purchase, finding issues before the deal is done so you can request that the non-complaint items be repaired or negotiate a drop in price to compensate for the expense of repairing it yourself.

During the inspection we can also assess any further work you may want done and include a fixed price quote.

List Of Services:

 Inspection and advice on existing electrical wiring

Read this true story to understand the value of a pre-purchase inspection:

A client purchased a home before Christmas. The house had been renovated by an unknown but everything looked amazing when we arrived. We were asked to install a ceiling fan in the living room, and replace a light fitting in the bathroom.

Choosing the spot for the new ceiling fan control switch, the electrician removed the existing light switch next to it, and found the green/yellow (earth) cable, joined to a red and a black cable. Defect #1

Then removing another light switch in the bathroom, he found three different size cables joined, with reds joined to blacks and no earth cable. Defect #2.

We advised the customer was advised. What should have been a simple job of installing a ceiling fan and a light was now going to take considerably longer, as these illegal wiring connections would need to be corrected, and the house made safe, before the job could continue. Our client wasn’t happy but relieved to have learned about these wiring defects before it was too late.

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