Solar Panel Installations And Repairs


See if you have an interest in having new solar PV installed.

It’s never too soon to get on board the Solar PV train, and the changes in technology just in the past 18 months alone, means Solar is now an interactive method of helping you to save money and regulate your energy use.

Following consultation we can develop a design that incorporates your current energy consumption, future demands and your projected goals in repayment terms.


A quick on-site assessment will determine if more power can be gained by your system.

It is good practice to have your Solar Array inspected, cleaned and maintained as you would your car. AS 5033 Appendix C Table C1 “Maintenance Schedule” lists quarterly, 1 year, and 5 year maintenance plans, contact us for more details.


Even with regular maintenance, some systems don’t produce enough power or have stopped producing power at all. If you had your system installed by then you have nothing to fear, our warranty and aftersales support will most likely already have been notified by your Solar PV system digital manager software, and will be in touch soon with a fix. However if you are a new customer, please contact Redshift Solar asap so we can get you scheduled in for an immediate assessment. Our expertise in solar repairs will get your system back to good working order, or damaged parts replaced.

Did you know?

A Solar Array system is less effective with:

 Dirty Glass (Dust, Tree Sap, Bird droppings)
 “Shading” (Having a Tree, Branch, Other building’s shadow cast across even 2 Solar Panels, can cut output by 30%)
 Not being aligned with care, to react the most efficiently with the midday sun and product those extra watts, which can be squeezed out of the entire system.

Grid Connected

As the name suggests, the Solar Array is connected to the Electrical Supply Grid. This system is most common around the Sydney/Central Coast/Newcastle area.

With the introduction of large rebates a few years ago, many new companies  turned up, installed systems incorrectly, took the money and disappeared. Many of our enquiries are from people with no one to go to, now that their once working Solar PV system has failed.  Currently, the requirements for installing Solar PV has changed so much, that there is a very good chance that if work is needed to your aged Solar PV system, it may well need to be upgraded in the process of getting it back up and running.

Stand Alone & Battery Storage

These types of Solar Systems are starting to become more common. Batteries in particular are taking off, with cost per Watt dropping monthly.

It’s not practical to go completely “off-grid” for many of us, and if you have a battery, that doesn’t mean that you are self-sufficient either. This topic could take a few pages alone, and there is plenty of websites out there with all the articles you care to research, but contacting Redshift Solar and letting us make some suggestions based on your energy use, potential energy yield and our trade knowledge on the products available (and coming soon) is probably the least stressful and best option!

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