Testing And Tagging

Many businesses such as Schools, Commercial, and Industrial, are required to have all Electrical Equipment Inspected, Tested, and then Tagged periodically, to comply with the NSW Industry Code Of Practice, in accordance with Australian/NZ Standard 3760 (AS/NZS 3760:2010)

Safe Work Australia code of practice

Testing must be undertaken by a licensed Electrician, or a trained competent person.

Records of inspections, tests, and maintenance carried out on electrical plant/equipment, must be kept by the employer/business. A copy of the records should also be kept on-site, by the principle contractor (Workplace Health and Safety Regulation – clause 65)

If you have any Testing and Tagging requirements, questions, or need advice, contact us now via email or phone, to talk to someone right away

Remember “Work Safe – Home safe”

If you are an employer or self-employed person, you have a duty of care to ensure that employees and visitors to the workplace are safe from injury and risks to health. You must, therefore, manage any safety risks surrounding electrical hazards, in accordance with the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000 (the Act) and the Regulation.

Remember it’s not just about making things electrically safe for others, It’s also to make equipment SAFE FOR YOU too. (See Workcover NSW information


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