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Our primary focus is on keeping your operations running smoothly and safely

We know that when it comes to industrial electrical services in Newcastle, your priorities are to minimise downtime, avoid unnecessary costs, and ensure a high level of safety. To achieve this, you need an electrician who is specifically qualified and experienced in industrial electrical services.

Having worked for some of the largest companies in Newcastle, Redshift Electrical can service industrial electrical contracts of all sizes.

By providing preventative maintenance, testing, and repairs of industrial electrical equipment, we can help you avoid unanticipated operational costs and downtime.

With Redshift Electrical you can be confident that:

  • Your plant and equipment will meet all the necessary requirements
  • All necessary risk assessments and safety procedures
  • Uphold the best standards and practices
  • All work completed both quickly and efficiently

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Industrial Electricians in Newcastle

Our industrial electricians service the entire Newcastle area. So if you’re in the area, contact us today, and we’ll get our experienced electrical team to your industrial property as soon as possible.

More of Our Industrial Electrical Services

commercial security camera system

Security & Surveillance System

Our team is experienced in the design and installation of complex surveillance camera recording systems, allowing you to keep a close eye on every aspect of your industrial operations. Whether you need an integrated system that integrates with existing buildings or requires our expertise for a new project in Newcastle, we have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right.

Data Cabling Solutions

Staying connected is crucial for any business. Therefore, we work quickly and efficiently to limit the amount of time you’re disconnected. Redshift Electrical is your go-to cabling company in Newcastle. We specialise in networking and communications contracting, and we’re dedicated to providing top-notch service for all of our clients.

Power adapter

Electrical Test & Tag

Industrial businesses in Newcastle are required to have all electrical equipment inspected, tested and tagged periodically in compliance with the NSW industry code. At Redshift Electrical, we provide comprehensive electrical testing and tagging services to ensure that your facilities are always up to code.

Energy Saving Appliances

At Redshift Electrical Services, we install and use only the most efficient appliances, lighting, and energy reducing automation devices. This means you can save money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint from your industrial operations.

light bulb with plant inside

Outdoor Lighting

At Redshift Electrical have you covered with a wide range of outdoor industrial lighting products and equipment. Whether you are looking for high mast lighting, floodlighting, or street lights for your industrial complex in Newcastle, we can provide the services and products that you need to get the job done right.

At Redshift Electrical, we guarantee our industrial customers: