Outdoor Lighting

Want to maintain an amazing outdoor space? We’ve got you covered with a wide range of outdoor lighting products and equipment from simple spotlights to automated lighting systems and even pool lighting.

We can also install sensors and timers to reduce energy consumption and improve security around your property.

We alwaysuse  high quality equipment designed to withstand the Australian climate. Particularly near the beach it’s essential that all equipment can withstand the effects of salt, high moisture and strong breezes.

List Of Services:

 Landscape lighting
 Deck, pool and patio lighting
 Garden and building floodlighting
 Commercial security and advertising lighting
 Paths & Walkways
 Entertaining areas
 Outdoor fans and bug lighting
 Pool lighting
 Sensor lighting (make existing lights “sensor” activated)
 Dawn to Dusk lighting
 Fully automated lighting with C-BUS
 Outdoor weatherproof powerpoints
 Solar garden lighting

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