TV & Antenna Installation Central Coast & Newcastle

TV & Antenna Installation Central Coast & Newcastle

Digital TV Repairs & Antenna Installations
Central Coast & Newcastle

TV and remote

Do you have an up-to-date digital antenna but you’re still unhappy with your TV reception at your Central Coast or Newcastle home? If so, the antenna could be facing the wrong way or combined with incorrect TV cables.

Sometimes all you need is a cable upgrade, an added amplifier or correct antenna alignment with specialised equipment.

In order for you to avoid the expense of a full install for free-to-air HD DTV we have developed “Redshift Rules-TV packages”.

Why Call Redshift Electrical Services for Your Upgrade or New Antenna?

  •  Guaranteed Picture Quality
  •  Guaranteed TV Reception
  •  We Only Use Trusted Brands & Materials
  •  Great Communication and Job-Progress CallBacks
  •  Installation by Trained and Qualified Local Central Coast electricians

You Need a New Digital TV Antenna if…

  •  You have snowy or ghost-like TV reception
  •  Your TV picture shows distortion or lines
  •  Bad weather affects your TV reception
  •  You can’t receive all the free-to-air digital TV and local Central Coast channels?
  •  Your current antenna is the wrong type for your location.

Get in Touch With Our Newcastle & Central Coast TV & Antenna Installation Specialists

Our TV installation experts service both the Central Coast and Newcastle. So if you’re in the area, contact us today, and we’ll get a licensed TV and antenna installer to your home as soon as possible.