House Electrical Wiring Central Coast & Newcastle

Electrical Wiring Installation Or Rewiring Services


Our electricians will help you design and construct an electrical plan to ensure your home is capable of providing everything you need.

Are you building a new home or renovating on the Central Coast or in Newcastle? 

Home rewiring is an important responsibility to fulfil for energy efficiency and electrical safety. Especially in old houses that need immediate attention due the high chance of mishaps, but new homes aren’t necessarily immune. That’s why it’s vital that every home be wired by trained Level 2 professionals. They can help you stay safe from future worries about electricity at home

Book a consultation with us and bring along any designs or plans you have, with an outline of your budget.  We will then get to work amending or creating a design that uses the latest materials on the market, at prices that fit within your budget.

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External Wiring

There are many external factors to consider when it comes to the wiring of your home. You should think about where your meter box is going to be placed, if you require a 3 phase supply, and provisions for solar in the future.

We can plan out wiring needs for security systems including video surveillance, alarms and lighting. You should also consider other outdoor features such as property lighting, pool pumps and driveway lights.

Internal Wiring

Do you know how many smoke alarms are needed and what type? Do you have emergency lighting in the event of a power failure, blackout or fire? Do you have a particular type and size of hot water system? If you have air conditioning you will need to understand its power rating. 

Other standard home networking wiring to consider is your TV, phone and internet, as well as the outlets for these.  Do you know if you require lightning and/or surge protection? We can also install motorised garage doors and blinds.

For our Rewiring service, we guarantee our customers: